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Blazing bare bum

Assume the position - here comes a good whipping - right on the bare bum, which soon is blazing

The cruelty of woman

One woman can be soooo cruel to another, as evidenced by this film in which a woman flogs another with a cat o nine tails on her bare back while the captive is tied to a whipping post

Buns of scarlet

Red is the color of flame, and this young woman's buns are flaming indeed under the brutal beating they receive from the man in the white coat

The whip's cruel bite

The depths of one woman's cruelty to another are explored in this video "starring" a cat o nine tails in the "lead role"

Whipped wickedly

A young woman is whipped by another young woman till her back is red and sore, but her cries are to no avail as the savage punishment continues

Deal with it!

Her punishment is harsh, and her back is red as the man whips her unforgivingly

Buns at the ready

Those yelps are NOT joy! The blonde is in real pain, resulting from her being paddled sharply while she is locked in the stocks

Cruel world

A pretty young woman finds out just how cruel the world can be when her captor unmercifully flogs her bare back with a cat o nine tails till she turns bright red

Medically necessary

In a medical setting, a man in a lab coat paddles a blonde till her buns blaze brightly with angry-looking red welts as she cries out in protest and pain

Blazing back

A severe flogging on her bare back while she's tied to a whipping post results in a red-blazing back for an unlucky young woman

Cruel captor

With her bathing suit half off her, a young woman ties another to a whipping post, picks up her cat o nine tails, and proceeds to administer a whipping


She is humiliated as well as whipped, strapped face-down on a contraption and with her panties yanked off to leave her butt vulnrable to the whip's stinging blows as a man and a woman work to show her what misery is really like

Put up with it and shut up

The woman wielding the cat o nine tails has no regard for the sensitivity of the other woman's back, which she reddens considerably

The bare back and the bitch

With her back bared, she is an easy target for the woman with the cat o nine tails, who whips her outrageously and reddens her poor, sensitive back

A world of pain

Stinging strikes from a cat o nine tails cause a young woman to yelp and cry out in pain as she is flogged relentlessly by another woman

The thigh's the limit

With her feet hoisted high in the air and chained to hooks suspended from the ceiling, the young woman's thighs are vulnerable and soon are the recipients of stinging blows from a cat o nine tails

Humiliated and pained

Looking thoroughly humiliated to have such misfortune befall her, a young girl reluctantly submits to a devastating flogging by another woman

I don't deserve this!

I Don't Deserve This!

Burning back

Stripped of her dress, and with her hands bound together and suspended, a young woman is severely chastised with the aid of a cat o nine tails

Oh! pain!

Despite flinching, turning, and trying to evade the stinging flicks of the cat o nine tails, a young girl must endure the brutal kiss of the whip

Tied to the whipping post

A young woman's back is the worse for wear after she is tied to a whipping post and then severely and cruelly whipped

Her reddened back

The whip-wielding woman doesn't seem to care about the pitiable expression on the blonde's face as the whipcracks ring out throughout the room

Toasted buns

This man means business, and the girl's buns are going to be the wors for war before he and his leather strap are finished with her

Furious flagellation

Strapped within an inch of her life, her reddened back is testament to the brutality of her treatment


A woman horsewhips a young girl cruelly, reddening her back and buns with cruel and furious stinging lashes

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